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Scooters for Hooters Morristown 2016 Issue II - Janice Elaine Baker

October 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment



As we bring October to a close. I can say it's been a month filled with many memorable moments. I love this time of year for so many reasons, the beautiful fall colors, the change of the weather, trick or treating, not to mention my birthday falls during this time. Not only do I celebrate my birthday but I celebrate being a breast cancer survivor! This month, this very week 13 years ago I was recovering from having a bilateral mastectomy. Not only did I have a great team of doctors taking care of me I had a army of support from family and friends! The love and support I received helped me to heal and to deal with the process and journey that I was on. Because of the helping hand I received, I knew I wanted to give back to others helping and encouraging them as they begin their journey with this disease. Being there for someone who understands and knows what your facing can help the process. By doing this I have meet some amazing women who have inspired me. That is why today I do all that I can to spread the word about early detection, as well as trying to lend an encouraging word, a helping hand, or hug to those facing their battle with this disease. We have come so far from long ago yet we still have a ways to go. I will continue to do my part not only during October but through out the year. Cancer doesn't just show up in October so remember to know your body, listen to your body, do your self breast exams, talk with your doctor about scheduling a mammogram. We think pink for our Mothers, daughters, sisters, Aunts, and friends. Together we can make a difference. Together we are strong. Early detection is best!



Meet my dear friend Janice

Meet my dear friend Janice. She and her husband started riding motorcycles a few years ago with as a hobby. Then She begin riding in different rides, some of them for charity, giving her the opportunity to meet new people, including more women riders. I ask Janice to ride to Morristown with some ladies for breast cancer; I did this because I find it so fascinating and cool that these ladies ride bikes! Plus Janice has a personality that is so infectious, she has a way of making people feel at ease with her smile and bubbly disposition But more importantly her faith and love for the lord radiates. So I wanted her to be apart of the event. She spreads such joy and hope.. On the day of the ride only 3 of ladies were able to make the trip. It was so cool to see these ladies ride up on their bikes. Janice said "they realized the importance of supporting women who are still in the battle against this dreadful disease called cancer." So off they set. Riding from London Ky to Morristown TN. We laughed together, prayed together, and meet some amazing new ladies, then we said our good byes, Janice said


"This event help me to realize that God is in control."



Checkout http://www.cancer.org/healthy/toolsandcalculators/remind-me

for tools to help you!



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