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Scooters for Hooters Morristown 2015 Issue VIII - Mary Gummo Richardson

October 29, 2015  •  1 Comment


We all have our own journey, struggles, and beliefs.

While our paths may have taken us on a route we didn't won't to take, We all had choices to make.

We have all shed our own amount of tears or reached our own goals and successes at different times and ways.

Some of us may have asked why me? Others may have said why not me.

We all have our own unique stories; however the common theme is....Breast Cancer. 
Please take a moment to read in the next following days Our stories of hope, faith,
Courage, strength, determination, resilience.
We have been bound together; We are Pretty in Pink-Sisters in Pink. We are Survivors! 


~ Dawn Briggs - Scooters for Hooters Morristown

I had such a wonderful time with all of these ladies and getting to hear their stories.


Meet the beautiful Mary Gummo-Richardson 



Embracing a dear friend
"I had privilege of meeting Mary in 2012.  Our friendship began through a work related event-The Women in trucking Conference.  
As we got to know each other that weekend we also discovered that we were both Breast Cancer Survivors. 
30 years ago Mary found out she had breast cancer.
After going through a lumpectomy followed by radiation, She thought she had put Breast cancer behind her.
Recently she found out that cancer had returned.
Having to face this disease again Mary went in on Oct 5, 2015 for a double mastectomy.
Sending you well wishes, hugs, and love for complete healing." 

~ Dawn Briggs

Southern Grace Studios is sending you well wishes Mary.

May you heal quickly and get back on that bike again living life to the fullest!


Checkout http://www.cancer.org/healthy/toolsandcalculators/remind-me

for tools to help you!



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Daniel Gummo(non-registered)
Mom (Mary Gummo-Richardson ) I'm so proud of you. I see you struggle and be so sick. But you are such a fighter. If I was half the man as you are a woman I'm a darn great man. Mom you are the reason I am who I am. I love you to the moon and back. Don't you stop fighting and don't stop keeping on. Remember brakes are for sissies don't you stop. Love you mom.
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