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Scooters for Hooters Morristown 2015 Issue VI - Joyce Elmore

October 23, 2015  •  1 Comment

We all have our own journey, struggles, and beliefs.

While our paths may have taken us on a route we didn't won't to take, We all had choices to make.

We have all shed our own amount of tears or reached our own goals and successes at different times and ways.

Some of us may have asked why me? Others may have said why not me.

We all have our own unique stories; however the common theme is....Breast Cancer. 
Please take a moment to read in the next following days Our stories of hope, faith,
Courage, strength, determination, resilience.
We have been bound together; We are Pretty in Pink-Sisters in Pink. We are Survivors! 


~ Dawn Briggs - Scooters for Hooters Morristown

I had such a wonderful time with all of these ladies and getting to hear their stories.


Meet the beautiful Joyce Elmore

"Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996 and again in November 2013. 
In 1996 I found the lump in my right breast. 
During that time I elected to have a lumpectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiation.
You make choices and decisions that at the time you feel is exactly what you should do and what you need.
After the treatments followed by doctor visits that stretch out over time until finally you hear you are released from the doctors care.
You are doing well.
You breathe a breath of relief thinking I did it, I beat cancer and put it behind me.
So one can only imagine how you feel when you here...its returned.
That's what happened with me in November 2013.  
A mammogram detected a lump on November 20th an MRI confirmed cancer had indeed returned.
The wind taken out of my sail I knew I had to move forward and get this taken care.
This time I elected to have a double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery.
It has been a difficult journey with complications arising from the reconstructive portion of my procedure.
Dealing with these set backs have not been easy. But I am cancer free, I am healing, I am s survivor! "

Checkout http://www.cancer.org/healthy/toolsandcalculators/remind-me

for tools to help you!



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Donna Tucker(non-registered)
Joyce your such an amazing woman and I admire you greatly, and love the pictures!
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