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Scooters for Hooters Morristown 2015 Issue IX - Clara Belle McElhaney

October 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


As we draw to the end of October we wrap up breast cancer awareness month.
I want to say thank you to all who helped in this journey with me by spreading the word of awareness as well as their stories.
I think it's safe to say we all would love to have a cure found.
But until that time we will continue to raise awareness by
reminding you to know your body, to listen to your body, and to have your mammograms. 
Early detection is best! 

I had such a wonderful time with all of these ladies and getting to hear their stories.


Meet the beautiful Clara Belle McElhaney


"I had the privilege of becoming great friends with this delightful lady. In 2008 she found out that I was participating in The Race for the Cure and asked if she could join me for the event. I was thrilled to have her join me having no idea that day would began a beautiful friendship. For several years she joined me in The Race for the Cure. The time we spent together is priceless, I would not trade those moments for anything.
The bond we shared in the event is unbreakable and truly special. 
When Clara Belle shared with me her journey. I was more amazed at just how remarkable of a person she was.
Diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, she stood proud And strong. She under went a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiation. 
Not a lady to be a burden on anyone there were many times she would take herself to her treatment appointments.
She knew how she would react to the treatment and planned her time accordingly to get back home before the nausea started.
This was her way of handling what was dealt to her. 
I learned so much from her on strength, courage, faith, and determination.
I honor this remarkable lady and tip my hat to her.
I have never meet someone who was so strong  and had a heart of gold.
For her it was the right treatment plan.
Clara Belle over came stage 4 breast cancer. After going into remission
Clara Belle continued with her well health check ups.  
She was an 18 year survivor. 
 Small in stature but mighty in faith.
I could not be more proud to call her my friend, my mighty little warrior in pink.
Here's to you Ms Clara Belle and to all you taught me. 

Thank you very much!



Checkout http://www.cancer.org/healthy/toolsandcalculators/remind-me

for tools to help you!



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