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Scooters for Hooters Morristown 2015 Issue III - Darlene Queener

October 17, 2015  •  2 Comments

We all have our own journey, struggles, and beliefs.

While our paths may have taken us on a route we didn't won't to take, We all had choices to make.

We have all shed our own amount of tears or reached our own goals and successes at different times and ways.

Some of us may have asked why me? Others may have said why not me.

We all have our own unique stories; however the common theme is....Breast Cancer. 
Please take a moment to read in the next following days Our stories of hope, faith,
Courage, strength, determination, resilience.
We have been bound together; We are Pretty in Pink-Sisters in Pink. We are Survivors! 


~ Dawn Briggs - Scooters for Hooters Morristown

I had such a wonderful time with all of these ladies and getting to hear their stories.


Meet the beautiful Darlene Queener


"Monday, June 16, 2014, I went in for a routine mammogram. My parents both had appointments close by, so it seemed the perfect time, when the BreastCenter called to schedule my past due mammogram. I expected to walk in get my boobs smashed, and walk right out!  Not quite what happened!  I went in, changed into the lovely gown from my waist up and just carried my blouse, knowing it wouldn't take long.....well four and half hours later, I walked out of the office, completely in shock about what I had just been told.
The sweet girl who did my mammogram, instructed me to keep my gown on because with my "family history" (my mother & 3 of her sisters had been diagnosed with breast cancer) she thought they may want to do an ultrasound. I assume, now, that she saw the nodule & knew what was next. Not giving much thought to it, I scrolled through Facebook while waiting to be called. They soon called my name & led me to a room where my mammogram pictures hung on the wall.  Knowing this was not a good sign, I listened carefully as they explained the dark spot on the left breast picture. She continued telling me that my doctor needed to be contacted to authorize an ultrasound, then led me back to the waiting room. This time I was not so calm & unconcerned as I had been just minutes earlier.  As I sat there, among all the other women in identical gowns, tears began to fill my eyes. I really tried to hold back the tears as I didn't want to attract the attention of the other women waiting for their tests. Of course, it was useless, the tears flowed freely.  Then suddenly, I remembered a Facebook post I had scrolled past earlier that morning. My friend, Kate, had posted "Do not worry about anything, instead pray" Phil. 4:6. She had repeated this a number of times saying "once more", " say it with me", "louder now" to drive home the point.

I didn't give it much thought  then, but little did I know I would be claiming that verse just a few hours later! With tears in my eyes, I searched for Kate's page as I needed to read that again and again!!  That has always been one of my favorite verses & a source of comfort for me, but never so much as this moment.  I just kept praying & repeating these words. My tears dried & I was ready for battle!

The ultrasound was performed that day as well as a biopsy.  In 24 hours, my fears were confirmed with a phone call, I HAVE BREAST CANCER.   I had Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, ERP positive, HER2 negative, stage 1,  grade 1 fortunately a very small tumor. I had no idea what all these words meant. My doctors explained my options, (thank God I HAD options) from lumpectomy to bilateral mastectomy. Considering my family history, I quickly decided my best option was a full mastectomy, to remove as much risk as possible of the cancer returning and to eliminate the need for chemotherapy or radiation. 

I am now almost a year & half past diagnosis and feeling fantastic!   I am so thankful for a supportive family, lots of praying friends and wonderful medical staff who helped loved me through this journey."

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Kellie Briley(non-registered)
You, my friend are SUCH an INSPIRATION! Your attitude in the face of real fear is just so amazing to me! I have respected you since our first meeting and respect you that much more now 3 + years later. I knew that you were just a really really good person with a great heart and I'm sure all that heart made you battle ready! I will continue to keep you in my prayers and just want you to know what a HOT MAMA you are in these pics! Love you - Kellie
Dale Scarlett(non-registered)
Sissy I am so proud of you for facing this head on.we have had enough of this breast cancer in our family.you faced it head on and knocked it out.love you sis
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